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Square Drive Hydraulic Wrench Series

The SU-XL Series of square drive hydraulic torque wrenches feature a patented design that reduces the number of moving parts and helps to eliminate "pinch points" while improving tool accuracy. The robust yet lightweight aluminum body encloses the drivetrain assembly to ensure that nothing goes into or comes out of the tool. Select models offer a 48 X 48 Reaction System, for a total of 96 reaction positions. Capacities range from 100 to 60,000 foot-pounds of torque using a 10,000 psi hydraulic pump.

  • Square Drive Torque Wrench

     For use with all standard size square drive impact sockets. Easily shifts from make-up to break-out without disassembly.

  • Models SU-1XL through SU-30XL

    Bodies made of durable, high strength, lightweight aircraft alloy giving the housing maximum strength with minimum weight.

  • Unibody

    Eliminates “Pinch Points”. Reduces side loading. Totally enclosed drive-train assembly, allowing nothing in or out of the tool.

  • 360° Swivel Fittings (Patented)

    Allow hose movement without hose binding. Stainless steel with fewer moving parts - a great improvement over competitors’ delicate design. (Dual plane swivel fittings shown on wrench above.)

  • Slotted Piston Rod

    Maintains 90° relationship between piston rod and nut. Increases accuracy. Reduces number of moving parts.

  • 48 x 48 Reaction System

    This system allows the reaction member to index 7.5 degrees creating 48 different reaction points in both directions. This reaction system is reversible which gives the user an additional 48 different reaction points - 96 reaction positions total!

  • Direct Porting Technology

    Torq/Lite® 's unique hydraulic porting design incorporates significantly less turns then our competitors for the hydraulic fluid to pass through when coming in and out of the tool. The end result of our design produces a faster actuating and retracting wrench!

  • Anti-Reverse Pawl

     Holds rotational wind-up to maintain required torque.

  • Pawl Release 

    Anti-reverse pawl release mechanism allows manual release of tool if “binding” occurs.

    Reaction Member

     360° rotation made of lightweight aircraft alloy. Increased reaction area.

  • Coated

    All exposed parts to resist corrosion.

  • Light/Ergonomic

     Reduces operator fatigue

  • Calibrated

     Every tool is function tested and calibrated to ±.03 accuracy, traceable to N.I.S.T. 

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48 x 48 Reaction System