Why Choose Francis Torque Service

40 Years Providing Industrial Bolting Service and Technical Support

In 1985, long before working safe became “a condition of employment”, Francis Torque Service (FTS) invested in a full-time safety coordinator to make certain our HSE department is always up to date on customer safety requirements and OSHA regulations. We also utilize ISNetworld, PEC Premier, X-Net, NCMS and DISA to monitor, track and audit our safety, drug and alcohol policy/procedures.

OSHA By the Numbers

Most recent ratings: TRIR 0.00 – EMR 0.87. Our Zero TRIR is evidence that our investment in safety is paying dividends. Our EMR reduces our overall insurance premiums and keeps our rates low and competitive.

ISO 9001- 2015 (Torq/Lite®)

FTS was the first ISO registered bolting service company in the U.S.  Registered for over 16 years, our commitment to the ISO Management System has made us a better company and a better choice for many of our valued customers.  Simply put, ISO helps assure you will consistently receive the best quality of products and service available.

Torque Wrench Manufacturer

We manufacture a complete line of hydraulic torque wrenches and pumps for sale or rent, world-wide. Having our own manufacturing facility gives FTS unlimited access to tools, calibration, engineering and design – that often translates into saving time and money for you, our customer.

Inline “Ratcheting” Wrenches on EVERY JOB

As a manufacturer, Francis Torque Service maintains the largest inventory of the fastest, safest and most accurate torque wrenches available. Every FTS operator is issued a full set of IU7XLS, inline ratcheting wrenches. We replace the apathetic attitude created by using “pooled” tooling, with pride and appreciation of having the best BOP specific torque wrenches anywhere.

Calibrated and Certified Torque Wrenches

EVERY torque wrench is calibrated annually, randomly, and/or following preventive maintenance. We are happy to provide calibration certificates, at your request.

Performance Tracking

FTS tracks EVERY flange we torque. We identify and record each flange, its size and pressure rating, type of lubricant, final torque, percent of yield, exact tool used, and the torque procedure; including the number of patterns and wraps used during the torque process. This data is stored with our invoices and available at your request.

Custom Pumps on EVERY JOB

Francis Torque Service developed a fast, yet compact, custom torque wrench pump that is 3 to 5 times faster than commonly used Power Team, Sweeney, Simplex or OTC hydraulic torque wrench pumps. We send our custom pump on every job. And, to eliminate any possibility of down time, we include a second hydraulic pump, at no additional charge.

Three Types of Torque Wrenches on EVERY JOB

FTS sends Inline Ratchets, Square Drive Ratchets and Inline Rack Wrenches, on every job. We also include impact wrenches and torque bars, at no additional charge. Rest assured that you always have the tools you need when and where you need them!

24 Hour Manager on Call

Every day, night and weekend, an operations manager is dedicated to taking calls, and lining out crews and equipment. With an experienced, responsible, manager handling your call, you can rest assured the equipment will be tested and the crew will be ready when needed.

Only Full-time Personnel

Francis Torque Service has a full staff of experienced Bolting Technicians ready to be dispatched to your job, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We never contract labor.

Versatile Technicians

Ask about our willingness to supply, “Specially Trained” personnel, Scaffold training, Confined Space Rescue, Rigging, etc. Our crews are trained to “stay engaged” throughout their entire hitch. If additional training will help, just ask – we’ll make it happen!