Bolting Service

Established in 1979, Francis Torque Service offers complete industrial bolting service to the drilling production industry, as well as plants, refineries, and construction sites throughout the Gulf South. Francis Torque Service has facilities located near New Orleans and Lafayette, LA.

Air, Diesel or Electric Powered Units

Approved for use in hazardous locations.

Faster, Safer and More Accurate

Inline Ratchets increase speed, safety and accuracy.

Right Tool for Any Job

Square Drive Ratchets, Inline Ratchets and Slimline Rack Wrenches provide multiple tool options on every job.

Specialty Tools

Nut Splitters, Bolt Saws, Stud Removers, and more are also available for your toughest bolting job.

Calibrated Tools

Every wrench is tested and calibrated to ±.03 accuracy, traceable to N.I.S.T.

Full Time Personnel

We never employ contract labor to operate equipment on your location.


We manufacture hydraulic torque wrenches for sale or rent, worldwide.

ISO 9001 Registered (Torq/Lite®)

Francis Torque is committed to customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and safe quality products.

Bolting Service

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Bolting Service Overview

Inline Ratchets

Inline ratchets are faster, safer and more accurate.

Air, Diesel & Electric Power Units

Air, diesel or electric power units. 3 types of tools on every job.

Pipeline Installation

Pipeline installation.