Flange Facing

Francis Torque Service LLC will provide precision flange refacing using inside diameter mount or outside diameter mount machines. Choose from a large inventory of machines, depending on your specific clearance and flange face requirements. We partner with several local and regional providers to assure the most extensive inventory of equipment available.

Multiple Surface Finishes

Stock and Spiral Serrated RMS finishes available.

Large Diameter Capability

Onsite reface 2” thru 72” O.D. flange faces.

Air Powered

Provides portable on-site service.

Multiple Machine Options

I.D. or O.D. mount for your specific clearance and applications.

I.D. Mount Flange Facing Machine

I.D. Mount Flange Facing Machine

O.D. Mount Flange Facing Machine

O.D. Mount Flange Facing Machine

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Flange Facing Overview

Flange Refacing Internal Mount

Internal Mount

Flange Refacing External Mount

External Mount

Flange Refacing Finish

Refinished to Customer Specification