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Francis Torque Service LLC now offers a revolutionary solution to a longtime problem. Separating old, rusted, corroded and fused together flanges.
The Challenge… Overcoming fused together flanges where conventional pulling capacity and space are limited.
The Solution… ThinJack™ – A unique flange separating system. Hydraulic jacks so thin they can be inserted between corroded flanges on wellheads, trees, DSA’s, bonnets or any API – ANSI flanges. Hydraulic jacks so tough they can be pressurized to exert hundreds of tons of force, causing the toughest of problem flanges to separate.

Developed by Industrial Solutions
International, Ltd.

Francis Torque Service is your exclusive source for ThinJack™ products and services throughout the U.S.A., including all Gulf of Mexico, state and federal waters.


Millimetric thin jacking and separating system, capable of exerting hundreds of tons of force.


Matching set of shims used to close any gap and maximize the ThinJack™ efficiency.


High pressure pump and environmentally friendly, hydraulic oil distribution system.

Safety First

The revolutionary ThinJack™ products reduce risk of injury due to excessive pulling, pushing and complicated rigging. All potential environmental and safety concerns are easily contained.


Flange Separation

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Flange Separation Overview

Bolt saw - cuts bolts or nuts in minutes

Bolt saw - cuts bolts or nuts in minutes

Hydraulic nut splitter

Hydraulic nut splitter


Thinjacks - 1,000,000 pounds of force between the flanges