The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

ASME PCC – 1 Appendix “A” Training
Bolting Specialist Qualification Program

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ASME has approved Francis Torque Service to provide the hands-on performance assessment for their ASME Bolting Specialist Qualification Program. Per ASME,

“Bolts remain a critical component of the industrial world. To avoid costly disasters from improperly installed bolts, ASME created the Bolting Specialist Qualification Program. Designed to measure a bolter’s capacity to inspect, assemble, disassemble and tighten bolted joints in a safe and orderly manner…”

FRANCIS TORQUE SERVICE’s goal is to help standardize the way bolting specialist operate in the field while providing awareness of safe acceptable procedures required to achieve a leak free flange assembly.


Bolting technicians, field service workers and supervisors who are involved in the installation or assembly of flanged connections.

Option 1 – ASME

Foundational Knowledge: Core Bolting Principles and Procedures

Complete four self-paced ASME Online Training Modules: “Principles of the Bolted Joint and ASME PCC-1”, “Flanges, Fasteners and Gaskets”, “Putting it Together/Taking it Apart”, “Bolting Safety and Tool Handling.”

Evidence: Bolting Specialist Application and Final Examination

After completing the four ASME eLearning courses, attendees submit verification of at least 6 months of bolting experience and take a final exam. A 90% or better is required.

Performance Assessment: Hands-On Skills Assessment

The final portion covers the practical application of all prior eLearning lessons under the supervision of an ASME/FRANCIS TORQUE SERVICE approved trainer. Class lasts 8 full hours. Successful completion awards the attendee an industry recognized certificate of completion from ASME.

Option 2 – Francis Torque Service

Fee quoted upon request, payable to FTS.

One Day “All Inclusive” Training/Assessment

Francis Torque Service 1 day training and assessment course includes 4 hours intensive classroom training with a detailed PowerPoint presentation, including emphasis on ASME recommended flange assembly process plus a broad overview of flange types, gaskets, bolt materials, lubricants, patterns, stages, torque values, flange preparation and ASME recommended procedures to achieve a leak free flanged connection. All training and assessment performed by ASME certified instructors and based on ASME PCC-1 Appendix “A”.

*Per ASME, “This qualification in no way determines an individual’s capacity to apply the general knowledge within a specific work environment. It remains the sole responsibility of the employer to determine competency for assigned workplace tasks. This is not a certification. ASME is a registered trademark and service mark of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers”.

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